Flavours of South Australia

Over 140 restaurants, wineries, producers and hotels with their signature recipes

Design + Art Direction
Smudge Publishing 2015/17

Hardback 462pp | 260x280mm

2016 Best Book Awards​ 
Cookbooks: Regional

This large-format hardback features a french fold dust jacket map featuring the locations of the restaurants, wineries and producers found inside, wrapped around a secret illustrated hard case. 

​Daniel Gray-Barnett was commissioned to create a set of illustrations highlighting the regional produce and tourist attractions found throughout South Australia, that help to organise the book into chapters by region.

“Working with Susan on the Flavours of South Australia project was a real pleasure. I found her direction of the project both clear and encouraging. I also really appreciated how on-the-ball she was – Susan made sure that the project stayed on track and we met our deadline. The book turned out beautifully – I’m so glad to have been a part of it!” – Daniel Gray-Barnett

Illustrated by Daniel Gray-Barnett

© Susan Hardjono 2020