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FOS2 Landscape

Flavours of Sydney Ed2

Over 120 restaurants, bars and hotels
with their signature recipes

Design + Art Direction

Smudge Publishing 2017

Hardback 591pp | 250x275mm

This large-format hardback features a french fold dust jacket map featuring the locations of the restaurants and bars found inside, wrapped around a secret illustrated hard case.


Sydney-born and New York-based creative, Irene Feleo was commissioned to create a set of illustrations highlighting the exciting places to dine and tourist attractions to see throughout the harbour city, that help to organise the book into chapters by region.

“Susan was an awesome art director to work with throughout the Flavours of Sydney project. She was very clear and efficient with her communication, which, working remotely overseas, was a refreshing quality to bring to the table. The briefing process was specific but also left a lot of room for me to contribute my own creative input – making the whole project a truly collaborative endeavour. I appreciate her eye for detail and overall enthusiastic attitude and I look forward to working with her in the future!” – Irene Feleo

Illustrated by Irene Feleo. 

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