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Food on Film: Chocolat (2000)

Directed by Directed by Lasse Hallström

Published 26 March 2016

Single mother and expert chocolatier, Vianne and her daughter, Anouk move to a small French village, which is a devout Catholic community. They open a chocolate shop during Lent, opposite the Church, and they are open on Sundays. What could possibly go wrong?

I like to see a film where the protagonist is a woman who dresses well, shakes up the status quo and is a sorceress in the kitchen who dishes out happiness. What’s not to love?


Chocolat (2000) explores similar themes to previous Food on Film episode Babette’s Feast – rigid morality, temptation and those who communicate through the pleasures of food and the love of sharing it with others. But this time there’s more eye candy (pun intended) with the gorgeous, Juliette Binoche and a handsome ponytailed, Johnny Depp.


Food is a common ground that connects us all, it has the power to make people feel welcomed and can warm the heart as well as fill the belly. Chocolat is perfect viewing this Easter long weekend, just don’t over do it and end up crying into your pile of bunnies and tin foil like the gentleman at the end of this scene.

Food on Film: Episode 7

Chocolat, Directed by Lasse Hallström, 121 minutes, 2000


Good for those who

Love their chocolate and grown men named Johnny.

Scene to look out for

All the ooey gooey chocolate preparations; have your choccies on stand by!


We rate it

4 out of 5


Viewing Accompaniment

Ultimate chocolatey decadence with this dessert-shake from Johnny Pump.

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