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Food on Film: That Sugar Film (2014)

Written and Directed by Damon Gameau

Published 27 August 2015

This month’s episode of Food on Film we dip our pinky into the sugar debate. We already know that it’s not good for us, but are we even aware of how much we consume on a daily basis?


That Sugar Film (2014) written and directed by Australian actor Damon Gameau, takes a few cues from Super Size Me but this time Damon is the guinea pig, and sugar is the villain-slash-ninja that can hide in pretty much every kind of processed food – even the ones we consider healthy.

This documentary is visually engaging as well as informative with its pop-art motion graphics reminiscent of the ones found in The Checkout, where superhero styled experts from all health fields weigh in on the subject and check the progress of Damon’s 60-day sugar high (and crashing lows). This is an eye-opener for those who already consider their diet pretty balanced and a sugary shot to the arm for those who’ve never given it much thought at all.

Food on Film: Episode 4

That Sugar Film (2014) Written and Directed by Damon Gameau


Good for those who enjoy

Knowing more about what they eat.


Scene to look out for

Well, not so much look out for, but watch from behind shielded hands in disgust. Where 17 year old Larry visits the dentist with years of horrific dental damage from drinking Pepsi and Mountain Dew since a toddler. If you want to see this bit for yourself now, knock yourself out, but you may want to put down the fizzy drink now.


We rate it

3 out of 5


Viewing Accompaniment

Maybe skip the Fantales and go for this Cypriot Grain Salad, you’ll want something tasty that you’ll feel good about eating.

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